The choice between a suit and a tuxedo often comes down to intent and style. At Standbridge, we understand that our customers are looking to discern the subtle nuances between these two iconic fashion choices.


The tuxedo is the epitome of ceremonial elegance. Specifically designed for occasions that demand the pinnacle of sophistication, it is often crafted from high-quality wool and features details in satin or grosgrain. While a suit gives you the freedom to choose between a necktie or a bow tie, a tuxedo calls for a bow tie as the preferred accessory, adding a touch of gravitas to your ensemble.


A suit is the chameleon of your wardrobe. It follows you from the office to business dinners, and can even be dressed down for more casual outings. Crafted from a variety of fabrics, from cotton to linen to wool, the suit offers a range of colors and patterns, making it a versatile choice.